The photograph since its creation has had the ability to bewilder and confound. Katie Sturgess utilises these qualities to begin to re-articulate an understanding of photography to explore tensions and thresholds in the field, at a time of transition due to emerging digital technologies. Still life is as an innovative mode, allowing her to interrogate photography’s place in visual culture using the camera as a tool to explore a blurred boundary between digital photography and computer generated imagery, acknowledging that ultimately both are born of the same thing, the language of computer code. These images depend on the thresholds of visual perception and the readiness for the mind to be fooled.

Sheffield Hallam University
BA Photography

2013 – 1st Class Honours

Goldsmiths, University of London
MA Photography: The Image and Electronic Arts

2017 – Distinction

Un.Obscura – Goldsmiths College – London – UK – 2017
Between Time – Ginnel Foto Fest – Ipswich – UK -2017
Look.Pause.Engage – Electric Works – Sheffield – UK – 2013
Bound 2 Unbound – Cantor Gallery – Sheffield – UK – 2012
Creative Spark – Sheffield Institute of Arts – UK – 2011